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Looking for offshore data processing service provider?

We offer you guaranteed accuracy levels, competitive pricing, fast turnaround and on-the dot delivery of your data.

Data Processing Services
Scanning/ OCR
Books, Magazines, Journals can be scanned and made web ready.

Forms Processing
> Credit Card Processing
> Insurance Claims Processing
> Market Research forms entry
> Warranty Registration
> Survey Forms Processing
> Order Processing

Data Entry
> Airway Bill entries
> Catalog entry
> Account entries
> Payroll services

Document Retrieval and SGML Conversion
> We can convert your documents, manuals, articles, and graphics to XML or HTML for easy retrieval.

Data Conversion
> Data in one format can be converted to another

Data Extraction
> Searching WWW site and finding out relevant information
> Compilation of mailing lists from WWW sites
> E-mail processing

We can offer you our best prices for data processing projects which are based on :
> Volume of the order
> Frequency of orders, weekly, monthly etc.
> The clarity and details provided in specifications

We are able to carry out your data processing work at a much lower cost, as our operating costs are much lower.

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